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it honestly sickens me sometimes to be a flyers fan and it is NOT because of the team or organization, but BECAUSE OF THE FANS. i am tired of listening to people be 100% negative and act like the world is ending when the flyers are in a rough stretch. then they come around when they’re winning all “omg i knew they had this in them all along!” GTFO you’re either in this for the good AND the bad or not at all. can’t call yourself a true fan if you abandon your team when they aren’t doing so well.

fans are allowed to be a little, or a lot upset, I think especially in this case. the flyers are more than capable and they have a really great team but not all the pieces have fit together just yet so, yeah, being a little critical and disappointed is one thing

but abandoning a team because they’re not doing well at the beginning of the season? that’s just shitty sportsmanship and completely faithless. the hawks outplayed the flyers tonight, that much was obvious, but it’s game 6 here. let’s not forget last season when they went 1-7-0 before even starting to gain some momentum and then they ended up in the playoffs.

have some faith and they’ll get there eventually. and if they don’t, cheer them on nonetheless.

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New idea for the next AHS 


American Horror Story: Being a Flyers Fan

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im going 2 bed lets go philadelphia dongs

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pav is back I’m so happy <3

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Hank is looking fly as fuck in his Broadway Hat


Hank is looking fly as fuck in his Broadway Hat

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Tomáš Tatar doing a chest dance in Slovak Fun Radio

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